Next Strawjack Saturday 2nd Sept 2023
Approximate route and times, will change!
This year will be VERY difficult because of works around the village.
Please do not invite people, and if you are ambivalent, do not come this year.
Next year should be so much better!

Assemble at

  The Hope, West Street

in the garden from 11.30am, depart 12.15

West Street Lane, Grove park

Woodman / Coach & Horses, High Street  
Arrive 12:30 Depart 13:15

High Street

CryerArts Centre, 39 Carshalton High Street
Arrive 13.30 Depart 14.30

Acre Lane, Wallington Corner

Rose & Crown, Wallington Corner
Arrive 14.45 Depart 15.30

Westcroft Road, Grove Park

The Sun, North Street    
Arrive 15:45 Depart 16:45

West Street Lane, West Street

Hope, West Street  
Arrive 17:00

Final Ceremony around 19:30 dependant on weather.  
No Burning!