Next Strawjack Saturday 7th Sept 2019
Approximate route and times, will change!

Duke's Head, Wallington Green
  Arrive  from 11:05 Depart 12:15  

Manor Road N, Westcroft Road, High Street

CryerArts Centre, High Street
Arrive 12.30 Depart 13.15

High Street

Woodman / Coach & Horses, High Street  
Arrive 13:25 Depart 14:05

Grove Park, Mill Lane

The Sun, North Street    
Arrive 14:15 Depart 15:05

North Street, Camden Road

The Railway, North Street    
Arrive 15:15 Depart 16:05

North Street, West Street Lane
Racehorse, West Street
Arrive 16:15 Depart 17:00

West Street

Hope, West Street  
Arrive 17:05

Burning around 19:30 dependant on weather.